Tucker Carlson: Trump won't win by calling out Biden's 'mental decline'


Fox News host Tucker Carlson encouraged the Trump campaign to reevaluate its messaging after the first presidential debate.

Carlson, who has reportedly influenced President Trump’s decision-making on the coronavirus and foreign policy, urged the Trump campaign not to focus on personal attacks against former Vice President Joe Biden but on “America First” policy matters.

“Trump isn’t going to win this race by calling Joe Biden senile,” Carlson said. “Nor, by the way, is Joe Biden going to win this race by calling Donald Trump a racist, as he repeatedly did last night. That slander didn’t work four years ago. It will not work now. Because personal attacks rarely work, they rarely determine election outcomes. That’s obvious if you look at the results, but it’s easy to forget it — and many did.”

The cable news host argued that voters care about the policies rather than rhetoric, saying, “America has never been under fiercer attack than it is now.”

Carlson played a segment of Tuesday night’s presidential debate where Biden discussed a “buy American” policy.

“Joe Biden stole Donald Trump’s lines. It was remarkable. How was Biden able to do that? Well, the Trump campaign should ruminate on that question. Trump’s advisers/in-laws are telling him to brag about the number of people he has let out of prison, this at a time when our crime rate is exploding and people are dying as a result of it,” Carlson said.

“Joe Biden’s advisers plan to let many more people out of prison, but they’re not bragging about it onstage. No, they’re hiding it. Instead, they use the debate to talk up a ‘buy America’ program they will never implement. What we learn here is the Biden people are very serious about politics. They know what the public wants, even if they plan to ignore it if they’re elected,” Carlson continued.

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