'Plot twist': Joe Rogan announces election special featuring Alex Jones and Kyle Kulinski


Joe Rogan announced he’ll be streaming a special Election Day podcast featuring guests with deep political disagreements.

Rogan, the host of the widely watched Joe Rogan Experience, announced on a Tuesday podcast that he’ll be doing an election night special with several guests, including liberal commentator Kyle Kulinski, who hosts the YouTube show Secular Talk, and InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

“I’m gonna pop in?” Jones asked Rogan on the Tuesday podcast.

“You can pop in. We’ve told everybody now that we’re doing a live election night show. Kyle Kulinski, Tim Dillon, me, Alex Jones is gonna pop in, live,” Rogan replied.

According to Chartable, Rogan’s podcast tops the charts at number one on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Kulinski, who is described as a social democratic commentator, then announced the event on his YouTube channel. “The little plot twist in this story, which I just learned myself, is that Alex Jones seemed to kind of invite himself as well to our Election Day special,” Kulinski said in amusement.

Kulinski said he was looking forward to the event with Rogan and Dillon, a stand-up comic, but wasn’t certain how long Jones would be present on the show.

“Whether it’s Joe, myself, and Tim Dillon, we’ll have a great time. And if Alex Jones comes in as well,” Kulinski said before a pause. “I’m sure we’ll have a great time.”

The special may begin around 8 p.m. EDT, according to Kulinski.

Left-wing critics took issue with Rogan, who earlier this year was awarded a $100 million contract by Spotify on the success of his podcast, having Jones on his show. Jones has often pushed conspiracy theories on his site InfoWars, and he has been removed from almost every major social media platform.

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