Woman goes viral after making Christmas ornament from late husband’s glasses


A woman in Michigan has warmed hearts with her creative and heartfelt tribute to her late husband.

Christy Critchett Hester shared a Christmas craft project she worked on, which involved turning her husband’s eyeglasses into a festive ornament, and tens of thousands of Facebook users have been moved by the gesture, iHeartRadio reports.

“My husband passed away this year, and I believe he is watching over us, so I turned his eyeglasses into an ornament as a nice remembrance!” Hester captioned her post in Rainbows over Michigan – a public Facebook group that has more than 197,300 members and aims to spread joy through art.

The eyeglasses now feature a painted on snowman with a kind smile as well as candy cane colored piping that serves as a scarf and hook to fasten the ornament to a tree.

Hester did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

However, she told iHeartRadio that she got the idea from a post on Pinterest. Her husband Richard passed away in January and she did not know what to do with his glasses.

“You get rid of some things and hold onto some things, and you don’t know why,” Hester said in an interview with the radio station. “He…just helped make people happy, he was funny, he was a jokester. He always let me know how much he loved me.”

“There were lots of tears, but I think it’s healing,” she added.

Since posting her project in mid-December, Hester has received more than 22,000 reactions and a few thousand comments and shares.

The post has even inspired others to create their own snowman themed ornaments with eyeglasses that belonged to lost loved ones.

“My dad passed in September these are his,” one Facebook user wrote alongside a photo of two ornaments she created. “Just been hanging on to them not sure what to do. I made one for me and one for a surprise for my sister.”

Other Facebook users took a moment to show the remembrance ornaments they’ve made in the comments section of Hester’s post.

“Beautiful. My sister passed in May. I took some roses from her funeral, dried them and put them in ornaments,” one woman shared with a snapshot of a pale rose inside a glass globe, which hangs from her tree now.

The grand majority, on the other hand, commended Hester on her creativity and sent well wishes her way.

“Oh my gosh, what a great idea! May that ornament give you some comfort and peace,” one Facebook commenter recently wrote. “Wish I would have thought of that for my daughter’s passing 2 years ago.”

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