Leftists Flip Out and Go Nuts Over NYT Reporter Questioning Biden’s Press Conference Avoidance


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Charlotte, NC — Some journalists in the liberal legacy media (although largely not the cable news network media like CNN or MSNBC) have been showing some signs of depression and unhappiness with the way president Joe Biden has been dealing with the press.  In fact, these journalists have decided they won’t to return to their journalisming roots in an attempt to actually do their jobs.

Between the constant failure to get real answers from the Biden administration, to him not hold a press conference thus far since he was inaugurated, these individuals are starting to see and feel the lack of transparency that Biden promised to the American people.  Moreover, it’s raising questions why Biden hasn’t taken questions or said anything beyond a canned speech or event to prop him up to give the appearance he’s doing his job well.  Many are wondering why he’s not addressing the issues he’s created at our southern border.

Take for example NBC’s Peter Alexander when he asked ‘Circle Back’ Psaki: “If you want to send the message to migrants that the border is closed, shouldn’t President Biden be the one who is clearly delivering that message?”  Alexander even asked why the Biden administration wasn’t given any credit to the Trump administration for Operator Warp Speed that worked tirelessly to develop multiple vaccines for the Chinese virus.

Instead, ‘Circle Back’ gave credit to the science but not Trump.  Alexander reminded her that it was Trump that accomplished what the Biden team is now taking advantage of.  Trump’s unleashing of the private sector allowed scientists to develop the shots and provide a thorough distribution point.

However, the New York Time’s Peter Baker did the unthinkable and actually antagonized many on the Left and in the media by linking a Washington Post story that questioned the lack of a Biden press conference.  For context, last Thursday was day 50 of the Biden administration and still nothing from the president himself.

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At this point in office, Trump had given five news conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three and Clinton five. Biden so far has given zero. @farhip https://t.co/h4HVeyd8kx

The Washington Post noted Biden’s absence is the longest any president has gone in the past 100 years.  This was when the amazing and outstanding Calvin Coolidge was president, known as ‘Silent Cal,’ which shows you how unprecedented Biden’s silence is.

There are a few things Leftists will tolerate and this is not one of them.  Why?  Because the Left is so invested in spinning on behalf of Biden, they fail to recognize or even come close to caring that perhaps the American people deserve answers–including the press!  It’s really quite amazing as the press got slow, happy, and fat during Obama’s administration, but when Trump came in office he ran them ragged and they hated him for it.  Which, given the current situation, it really says something when a Left leaning media is now calling out Biden for his lack of transparency when their MO when a Democrat is in office is to genuflect at every turn.

That maybe we should be concerned especially if there are questions about his competence.  Why should we be asking any questions of a Democratic president? Their comments are truly an exercise in delusion. They melted down for hours on Twitter at Baker for his comment which was a mere statement of fact. Here are a couple of the best:

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DC media are trying hard to normalize their past coverage of Trump by “tan suiting” Biden but from the look of these ratios, twitter isn’t buying what they’re selling …. pic.twitter.com/M70x7wbMUs

The insufferable Patricia Arquette stated the following:

“We are in a pandemic which has killed over a half a million Americans. Which he inherited.  He is moving at break neck speed.  That’s more important right now.  WAKE UP.”

Break neck speed gets the award for most ridiculous and hyperbolic statement of the weekend.

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The only good thing about various Beltway journos making mountains of the molehill of Biden’s lack of press conference availability is that it makes it really easy to spot the bad actors. Like, for example, this guy: https://t.co/55Hg77epqj

Perhaps you’re like me and rolled your eyes to the point of a headache having read that swill?  Of course Biden shouldn’t have to answer any questions!  How dare those of us who believe he should for even thinking that.  Shame!  Instead, we should be happy that Biden and his team even consider speaking to us and we should be grateful for the issued edits from on high that get spun to the point of incomprehension by his press team.

We never even have to see him at all or even see what kind of health he is in, right?  That’s not important. Don’t you dare even ask!

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