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Charlotte, NC — On Monday, the Supreme Court refused a challenge from Republicans surrounding election law changes in Pennsylvania. Many conservatives believed this was a definite way to address the election issues from 2020 with the changes to election laws that were considered unconstitutional. The Supreme Court seemed uninterested in taking up the challenge.

One SCOTUS justice was interested in the case and the cause behind it. Justice Clarence Thomas issued a dissent that set the mainstream media ablaze. His words were powerful, issuing a strong rebuke of the use of mail-in ballots and rebuked the court for failing to settle the election situation once and for all.

This obviously set off mainstream media outlets. CNN said that his dissent showed support for President Donald Trump’s baseless election fraud cases. Even though Thomas outlines clear cases of election fraud by using vote by mail schemes, no one supports his view or has sympathy on his view. After all, he is a conservative.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) called Thomas’ dissent ludicrous. There have been calls for Thomas to be removed from the court before, and I would not be surprised if those calls are not renewed here.

Not because the man is not qualified in any way. He’s more than qualified for the position that he holds on the Supreme Court. They will prefer to remove him simply because he is a conservative and shared a viewpoint that they deem intolerable.

The legacy media and Democrats will push against Thomas for his dissent, saying he is spreading dangerous voter fraud lies. Instead, Thomas used reason and logic to come to a conclusion that makes sense. Reason and logic can be challenging for the Left to understand and appreciate.

Thomas shares that exceptions were made that have been otherwise deemed inappropriate. He talked about the importance of election integrity. Holding precedent and maintaining election integrity one would think would be unifying matters. Instead, it’s a division point politically.

The Left has made a big deal about how Gorsuch and Alito did not join Thomas in his dissent. Others will make a big deal about how Barrett and Kavanaugh did not join the three in dissent. While I agree those are stories in their own areas, it does not change the fact that Thomas is a man that actually understands.

He recognizes that there are concerns with the election. He recognizes the court’s role in maintaining the laws of the land and preventing manipulation of the rules in order to eliminate someone that is hated, like President Donald Trump.

While the Left will continue to attack Justice Thomas for his dissent, we know one thing. This man gets it and understands how Americans are feeling. He does not believe he is elite, but rather one of us.

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