In Latest Move of Transparency, Biden Blocking Media From Information About Border


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Tampa, FL — In the latest move of transparency, President Joe Biden and his administration are making sure the American people do not know what is happening. They have ordered that US Border Patrol agents and leaders cannot share information with the media.

NBC News referred to the move as an “unofficial gag order” where agents were told to deny ride-along requests and ignore press inquiries. Any approval for press inquiries must come from Washington, in what is sure to control the information that is made available to Americans.

NBC News shared that requests for photos of overcrowded facilities have been denied. Requests for data about the number of people at the border have also been denied. Some of the requests have been denied under the excuse of COVID precautions, but this certainly seems more like a cover-up.

Some Department of Homeland Security officials said that the measures put in place by the Biden administration are much more restrictive than under the Trump administration. They indicated that they were much more available to talk to the media and share what they were experiencing. But the Biden team favors controlling the media narrative and information available to Americans, similar to that of a communist nation.

The Biden administration promised ‘trust and transparency’ as they took their posts, but this latest move is anything but transparent. The American people deserve to know what their President and his administration is doing at the border. Biden has created a mess by rolling back measures put in place by the Trump administration but appears committed to allowing a flow of illegal immigrants across the border.

If this were a Trump administration, Trump and McEnany would certainly be asked about the gag order placed on officials. Since this is a Biden administration, it’s not clear there will ever be an answer. Especially since Biden refuses to take any questions that are not scripted.

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