In Disgraceful Move, Woke Radicals Seize on Atlanta Shootings to Push White Supremacy Agenda


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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, the Atlanta area was rocked with reports of shootings at multiple locations. All of the shootings occurred in massage parlors, where Asian women were present working. The suspect, Robert Aaron Long, was quickly taken into custody by police.

In the interviews with Long, he told police that his actions were not racially motivated. He claimed that he had a sex addiction and that the massage parlors provided an outlet for him and his sex addiction. He saw this as a means to eliminate his temptation, albeit the wrong way to eliminate his temptation.

CNN reported that he was previously treated for sex addiction and that his family played a key role in his apprehension. They were also quick to mention that the places where the shootings took place were not known to be shops where sex work was taking place. That did not stop the Left from seizing on the disgusting opportunity, however.

White supremacy was a trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday as the “woke” radicals attempted to capitalize on the situation. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got in on the action herself, as you can see below.

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Dismantling racist, anti-Asian violence means standing up to white supremacy – the same ideology that asks us to empathize with those who commit racist violence rather than the families destroyed and communities targeted by it.#StopAsianHate

Across social media, #StopAsianHate was trending along with the topic of white supremacy. There are some quick issues to note with the logic of the woke here. First, the victims of this heinous crime were not just Asians. There were two white victims as well, but they are conveniently forgetting that. Second, the victim clearly states he was not attempting to kill people of color, but rather anyone that may be thought of as part of his addiction.

The woke also took shots at all conservatives and Republicans saying that they were going to support this white supremacist and murderer. That’s not the case at all. While I am a devout conservative, I strongly condemn his actions. Murder is never the answer, but this does not have the indications of white supremacy.

The Left wants to toss around accusations such as white supremacy and right-wing terrorism any chance they get. Even though the details are clearly showing this is not the case, they will continue to argue it in a disgraceful move against those who were slain. Eight people lost their lives and that is tragic, but they didn’t lose them just because they were Asian.

It is crazy to think about how quickly the woke radicals were able to organize a rally against “white supremacy” almost as if it was a planned event. People were marching in the streets again calling for an end to white supremacy and the legalization of sex work.

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D.C. activists hastily organized a rally against white supremacy, expressing solidarity with the Asian-American community tonight in the aftermath of the Atlanta-area killings. Ended with a short march from under the Chinatown gate to the convention center.

This is a disgusting attempt to use these Asian victims, and the Asians around our country, to push a woke agenda that has nothing to do with white supremacy. This is about the continued Marxist push of the woke radicals in an attempt to undermine everything that is American.

If you simply look at the words on the surface, as many uninformed Americans will, it looks like they are fighting for a just cause. In reality, they are fighting against something that did not exist in this situation. This was not a crime of white supremacy. This was a sickening crime against people who did not deserve it. The murderer deserves to face the full punishment of the law for his actions.

Just because the action happened, does not mean that it should be used as a means to push the woke agenda. These people died a horrible and tragic death. The last thing that should happen is that their tragedy is used to promote a social and political agenda. That should be a crime in itself.

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