Details of black Long Island woman’s harassment complaint against neighbors revealed


A black Long Island woman who posted a sign on her front door pleading for help after years of alleged harassment from her white neighbors claims they accused her of playing “the race card” and constantly fired a pellet gun at her property.

The new details surfaced in a sworn statement from Jennifer McLeggan, 39, during a Friday court appearance in the criminal mischief and harassment case against her neighbors, John McEneaney, 57, and his girlfriend, Mindy Canarick, 53, who have denied wrongdoing, according to Newsday.

The bad relationship began almost immediately after McLeggan bought her Valley Stream home in 2017.

More than 60 times, McLeggan said she heard “pops” that seemed to be gunshots coming from McEneaney’s yard, as McEneaney allegedly sent shots flying into and across her property, despite her many calls to police, according to the court papers cited by Newsday.

McEneaney told her at one point to “go back” to where she “came from,” she also claimed, accusing McEneaney of using derogatory terms for her and shouting that she was playing “the race card.”

McLaren’s social media posts in August drew enough attention for her home to become the site of several protests.


The home of Jennifer McLeggan in Valley Stream, New York.

Dennis A. Clark



Dennis A. Clark

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Nassau District Court Judge Eileen Goggin signed new orders of protection Friday requiring both defendants to stay away from McLeggan. The Nassau district attorney is investigating whether McEneaney violated a previous order.

McEneaney told investigators in August he only shot his guns in his yard, never pointed them at anyone or any other house and that his father had surrendered the guns to Nassau police, court records show. McEneaney has denied harassing McLeggan, said he isn’t a racist and called Canarick and himself “the victims.”

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