Biden appears concerned about Trump loyalists in the Secret Service


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Charlotte, NC — Several outlets are reporting that Joe Biden and his advisors are asking for changes among the Secret Service detail set to protect him. It comes after The Washington Post reported that the move was to bring on agents that worked with Biden previously. Buried in the story was the mention that there were concerns that some agents were politically aligned with President Trump.

The article shares that it is not uncommon for detail assignments to be changed ahead of an inauguration, but the reasoning for this change is unique. The reports come after multiple mainstream media outlets reported earlier this year that Secret Service agents were frustrated with Trump. It’s another great example of how the mainstream media has twisted a story to fit the desired narrative.

They want everyone to believe that this change is in order to make Joe Biden comfortable with those who are surrounding him. The move is really to eliminate those who may support President Trump.

This all comes after Joe Biden has openly called for unity. Following the Electoral College vote, he called for unity and said it was time for his administration to look like America. He called for everyone to give each other a chance. You can see his comments in the first 30 seconds of this video.

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Apparently, giving someone a chance only applies if they are a Democrat. Joe Biden and his staff are immediately working to eliminate anyone that may have an opposing viewpoint. The only viewpoints allowed are that of extreme radicals.

This is not a display of unity, but a display of elimination. Joe Biden and his radical friends are on a mission to eliminate anyone that supported President Trump.

There are a lot of unknowns as we head into 2021. We are not sure all that will happen on January 6th. Will the election be overturned amid the challenges that will be presented? We can only hope.

If the election is not overturned, 2021 could be a painful year for conservatives. As Joe Biden continues the march to eliminate Trump supporters and those who may still believe in freedom and America as we know it.

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