Biden accused of inappropriately touching a woman again


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Charlotte, NC – In newly uncovered social media posts, Joe Biden was accused of inappropriately touching and questionable statements to another female. This came after the Boston Marathon bombing and the accusations were made by one of the police officers wives. She made the complaints in Facebook posts.

According to reports, Biden touched the woman’s lower back, rubbing it and making her uncomfortable. She states that he also made suggestive comments about her eyes. The comments were made in Facebook posts in 2014 and 2016.

The Washington Examiner reached out for comment, but the woman refused to comment on the matter further. She confirmed making the accusations, but stated that she did not want to discuss.

Another source says that since 2016, her political opinions have changed. Specifically, she now supports Joe Biden for President. That’s a significant change for someone who made such accusations.

Multiple women have accused the former Vice President of such actions. Each time, Biden has denied or ignored the complaints. The campaign declined to comment on these reports as well.

The mainstream media and Democrats have argued that President Trump is not qualified to hold office due to the complaints against him. They have argued that someone that treats women degrading should be unfit for office. They apparently have no problem with Biden touching women and making them uncomfortable.

The real question comes to why this woman now supports Biden for President. If someone touched you without permission, making suggestive comments, how could you want to support them to be the leader of the country?

Should the mainstream media start looking for a non-disclosure agreement that Biden had this woman sign? Is it possible she received a payout? They certainly dug into that in the Trump accusations.

The mainstream media report on the Trump allegations non-stop, digging into every detail. They will overlook and ignore this one, however. Biden is their chosen one and they will not attack him. It’s just more of the same double standard.

Biden probably does not even remember these women. The multiple women who have come out and accused Biden have been silenced by the mainstream media and ignored. The media argues that we must believe all women, unless they are against Joe Biden.

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